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Junior Developer

About Connor

Connor is odd until you get to know him, at which point you realize he is still odd, but for a different reason. Washington grown, he is familiar with water and how wet it is. Connor is residing in Phoenix, Arizona, as he pursues a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming. Connor realized his passion for programming and not manual through his job as a Black Angus busser, which he hated.

Connor started as an intern at Efinitytech in May 2018. He is constantly learning and improving his programming skills and has developed features for VSM Tools, created site-content, and worked with clients, building web applications from the ground up. Connor prefers writing server code, a preference reminiscent of his days playing defense in soccer; like a defender, the server is underappreciated for working and over-criticized for failing.

When he is not adding flex-box to a stack of nested div tags, Connor enjoys making music, running trails, and being Nolan Picini’s cousin. Connor has never written a cookbook and is too skinny for the military. He also dislikes coffee, which is unfortunate: Connor is very tired.